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2 Years Online!
last modified: Tuesday, June 12, 2012 (9:05:30 PM CST)
Wow! This year flew by, and not in a good way. Uuhhh.... ( |_o ) I just came over to acknowledge my Gallery on it's anniversary. I do still have a few pieces needing to be added and some tweaking I never did to the new lay-out. Oh, mundane world, you are sucking the life out of me... ( o_O; )
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Version 2
last modified: Monday, October 17, 2011 (2:00:41 PM CST)
Version 2 is going live and the Gallery will look wonky until I've found time to finish. Comments/suggestions are welcome! Thanks!
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Happy Anniversary!
last modified: Monday, May 30, 2011 (5:35:33 PM CST)
I was hoping to get the rest of my cels scanned and posted for my Gallery's First Year Anniversary. Obviously...I'm still working on it. O_o The additions need tweaking and I still have at least three cels to scan. My internet connection is problamatic at the moment. I also have troubles doing things on RS with my ancient computer and dial-up. Bleh.

Speaking of which...does my coding look wonky to anyone else? Like my eszett and umlet's...? Especially on my 'Links' page? Once in awhile it works for me, but most of the time the coding is screwed up and doesn't work properly. So I don't know if it's just my computer connection or not. Sheesh!

Anyway, please enjoy the new cels as I am very happy to have some Wish List items to add (& a 'semi-wishlist' Pupuran in my 'Misc.' Gallery!) !!

Happy Memorial Day!
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The Wonderful World of Weiss
last modified: Monday, March 28, 2011 (8:20:44 PM CST)
So, I was having a conversation w/my sister about how lately there is a well-to-do going on in Weiss fandom because of the timetable on Marine Entertainment's Wk page (that was published in '02 mind you...it's not new). I am not apart of any of these discussions, nor bear witness to as I only hear from my sister...but I find it interesting how everyone thinks this chart is "law" now because it is "official" being that it's on Marine Ent's page. That website is pretty much only dedicated to post Glühen as they removed everything else the same year (2002) because of the Tsuchiya Kyouko lawsuit. I'm actually confused why this is causing a tizzy all of a sudden. Like everyone feels this changes the World of Weiss?

Putting Wk into a chronological timetable of events just cannot work. Two words I use a lot... Franchise and Anachronism. They share a backbone, but most of it has to be taken as a stand alone. The franchise (almost by definition) was built on it's popularity and ability to make money. So new stories were made to appease fans while it was doing well. Heck, look at Side B...the only reason Side B was as it was was because Koyasu Takhito wanted to almost apologize for Glühen. Initially he was going to serialize Glühen, but because it didn't do well at all, he chose to tell a whole new tale with Side B (which is why Aya was resurrected from his death scene in the final anime series). But really...to try and make it all make sense...well, you just have too much time on your hands. Sorry.

Also, there's been a page available @ Tv Tropes that puts everything Wk into a rough chronological order...and I mean everything! Mangas, dramas, guidebooks, anime...it's very smart, and, I find, quite clever. It is a more whimsical look at Wk...but honestly, I think there should be more of that and less "hardcore" in this (or any) fandom. I find a lot of the quips amusing. Seriously, everyone should check it out! Esp. if you're not familiar w/all that's within the franchise. You'll really learn a lot!


The Character Page:

The small Trivia Page:

I have to admit I liked the bit on the Trivia page about how Ken was supposed to have a second name (like Aya/Ran or Omi/Mamoru) and it was 'Hyde'...how cool is that! Esp. because I feel it's a reference to "Jekyll & Hyde"...maybe hinting to Ken's psycho turn in the franchise?!

My two cents, probablly worth less than that to most.

Cheers everybody!
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For Sale
last modified: Tuesday, March 22, 2011 (2:21:13 PM CST)
Just wanted to mention to anyone interested, I have a few cels for sale (mostly lot items) in the Market here at RS (look under Weiss kreuz). I am still willing to cel them in a lot for a VERY low price as originally posted over at Beta here:


They need new, loving homes!!
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The Power of Eszett
last modified: Saturday, July 17, 2010 (9:09:12 PM CST)
Going around once again through fandom as well as more professional sites, I notice how many people still use a B / b when writing "Weiß". The German ligature "ß" is used to replace the double "s" (short vowels, I believe?). "Weiss" is accurate. "WeiB/b" is not...that actually changes the meaning of the word, to refer to an "older woman".

Okay, I admit...I'm guilty of using inaccurate variations myself, mostly the Greek symbol for "beta", but only when making site graphics. I mean, very few fonts have the eszett. And I don't have the time (read: am lazy) to manipulate an "f" and "s" and fuse it onto a graphic.

Just sayin'....

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last modified: Saturday, June 12, 2010 (4:14:25 PM CST)
For anyone who is interested in weaponry, or is a collector, or you're just THAT into Ken (I am myself all the above!)...

Asian Arms has available a Bagh nakh, (http://www.asianarms.com/productdetails.aspx?pid=136). Totally awesome, as they're hard to find! Sadly, I can't afford them (paying off a car repair bill and TJ's dentist bill...ugh). I have nowhere to display them, anyhow. *pout*

Oh, yeah! Gallery news...I've decided to open up, even though nothing's complete. It's just taking me longer than I thought to getting around to everything.
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Work in progress...
last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 (7:13:31 PM CST)
For the most part, I've figured out most of RS, still unable to delete certain things, and accidentlly deleting others (oops...). Set-up for my Gallery is a go. Tweaking will probablly take me forever.

The design is done at least. I enjoy web designing, but I haven't done it in a while (or at least published it), not since I had my own domain. It's also limiting when working w/a template. What does everyone think?

Also started working on my Wishlist since it's probablly my best bet for finding Weiss cels. The List is ginormous, and I haven't even gotten to the OVAs yet. Ugh. o_O

As for my collection, I just got new cel bags, but I need to get backgrounds for some cels yet. My collection is meager, so I figured I'll pamper the ones I've got. Another collector was nice enough to sell me one of her Ken's...a cel I owned in the past, actually, and regretted selling (many thanks!). I did find a few Ken cels to purchase, too, yet to arrive.

After that, I'll start scanning. Slowly getting there...
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