Weiß kreuz Strafe

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Strafe (シュトラ一フェ), German for "punishment", released in 2000, is the second and final installment to the Weiß kreuz OVA.

The storyline keeps the boys much more grounded; no monster fighting or arcane cult powers at work (though Schwarz makes an exit appearance...which left me excited for the initial news of Glühen. I wanted a Weiß-Schwarz showdown, darnit! *sigh*). They Target, and are targeted by, an American Military base.

Ken has actually calmed down by the OVAs, coming off much more stoic and somber. Often times, he retreats into his own head, making the OVAs quite Ken-centric.

In the franchise, they take place after Kapitel and before the happenings of The Dramatic Precious dramas. Hence, there is Ken's crazed image taking out Powell at the end of Strafe...a prelude to his psycho bloodlust in the DPs.

A far cry from Kapitel, the animation was beautiful and bloody! My absolute favourite anime! Ever.

 Ken Hidaka

 Omi Tsukiyono

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