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"Weiß...die Vertreter des Gesetzes, sie raumen auf in der Unterwelt auf der jagd nach Verbrechern, die sich im Dunel verkriechen. Mit ublen Trickskonnten sie dem Gesetz entfliehen, den anonymen Vollstreckern des Untergrunds aber entkommen sie nichi. Diese Manner -- sie nennen sich Aya, Ken, Yoji und Omi."

Beginning it's run on April 08th, 1998, the original Weiß kreuz (loose German for "white cross") anime series aired Wednsday late nights on TV TOKYO, until September 30th, 1998. Marketed in Kapitels (German for Chapters) and now referred to sometimes as Weiß kreuz Kapitel. In the US, it was released as Knight Hunters by MediaBlasters (with one of the worst dubs I've ever heard in any language!). The artwork is based on the character designs of manga ka Kyoko Tsuchiya.

The timeline of Weiß is an anachronism, making the series unstable. Notably, it takes place after the initial radio broadcasts and the Dramatic Collections, before the Dramatic Precious but parallel with the mangas illustrated by Tsuchiya. Like the series artwork, the timeline lacks continuity, but this does not interfere with the anime's progression on it's own, making it enjoyable as a stand alone.

Ken is viewed as "the most normal" of the members of Weiß, no longer the loud-mouth who talks with his fists as portrayed in the manga. However, he does maintain his brash honesty, and boyish charms (that borderlines naivete). An assassin who believes that himself being a "necessary evil" does not deserve to be happy, but fights for the happiness of others. There is no sense of blood lust, just his strong will to mete out justice, with just a little selfish struggle of guilt as he tries to seperate himself from that of his assassin, Siberian.

 Mission 3 PAN

 Mission 4

 Mission 4

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 Mission 5

 Mission 5 PAN

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 Mission 18

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 Mission 25
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