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Information - Resources to learn about everything Weiss

Marine Entertainment - Official production site. Only Post-Gluhen remains. In Japanese.
TV Tropes - A witty site with a broad look at the Weiss franchise! A must read in my opinion.
Gentian Soul - We share a lot of the same views on Ken (aside from the "being in love w/ Aya" thing...)
Aya no Weiss kreuz Corner - Now defunct, but what is left is still a good source of 'old school' Weiss info..
Wikpedia - Best beginner's resource. In Japanese.
My Anime List - Weiss page at MAL, complete with Fan Club.

Galleries - Other Weiss kreuz collections

Katzchenhaus - Skyrat is also cool to converse about Wk with!
Yolanda's Cel Gallery - Ken Eyecatch. 'Beautiful Alone' ED Pan. Enough said.
category f - Sister gallery.
Glorff's Hidden World - Glorff has a high quality Ken collection!
Ardent Heart - Very large Wk collection. Home to some of my past cels. :)
Cel Envy - Aptly titled gallery. Very nice OVA Ken cels!
Gessekai - Former Wk collector. Gave me the opportunity to get back a past favourite cel!!
Jenn's Cel Gallery - Some quality pieces!

Fandom - I tend to avoid, but these are my choice picks

Bekampfen Sie das Kreuz - The best Wk fan fiction. Ever.
Nimm Mein Leben - My favourite Ken fan fiction, based on "The Holy Children" drama!!


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