Welcome to Beautiful Alone version 2 Endlessly Clear White.... I collected cels for awhile back in the early 2000s. Until now I've been on a hiatus, having sold most of my collection in 2004.

I saw Weiß kreuz ( ヴァィスクロィシ ) winter of '99, and it instantly became a favourite. I grew attached to the whole franchise, my favourite being the Dramatics and Seiyû Unit, but with mixed feelings towards Glühen & Side B. It has withstood the test of time, and the challenge of other series & bishônen.

Naturally,Weiß is what I collected then and now. However I'm turning my attention towards only collecting Ken Hidaka, who is my absolute fan girl favourite character from any series!

This gallery is small, as I only had a few pieces left to resurrect, and collecting a single character from a 12 year old anime now may prove fruitless. Still, I'm here.

Please be advised, spoilers may be present at any time throughout this gallery.


News & Updates

5/18/2012Second Year Anniversary already! I didn't forget.
10/17/2011New Gallery lay-out in progress...Quote borrowed from Bekampfen Sie das Kreuz (see my Links) because I love it!

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Weiß kreuz 10/23/2011
Weiß kreuz Glühen 8/22/2010
Weiß kreuz Strafe 6/12/2012
Fan Artwork 6/12/2012
Miscellaneous 6/12/2012

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