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Family Name: Hidaka

Given Name: Ken

Voice of: Tomokazu Seki

English Dub: Brian Morey

Orginization: Weiß & Kryptonbrand (both managed by Kritiker)

Codename: Siberian
The Siberian breed is a little known cat from Russia. It is a big breed of cat, with a large head, a strong muscular body and firm paws. The coat is long, dense and heavy with a thick and bushy tail. Siberian's make for good pets; they are sociable animals that are typically smart, playful and affectionate.

Age: 18-19
(in the radio show & TV series)

Birthdate:23rd of December

Birthplace: Niigata, Japan

Religion: Catholic

Height: 175cm / 5'8

Blood Type: B
That means he's a cheerful person, inquisitive by nature but easily excitable.

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Variant Blue -- normally a bright shade of teal. Originally his eyes are Brown in the manga.

Image Flower: Gentian

Flower Meaning: Integrity

Weapon: Bagh nakh
The official name, but not officially Bagh nakhs - the historical clawed weapon of India, a defensive weapon designed for close quarter combat. Sometimes referred to as 'tiger claws' named for the inflicting wounds. Ken's claws are a modern invention based on this Indian short-range melee weapon. Accurately, the claws are worn against the palm, so the attack is an open handed slap (not a stab). The claws are concealable by forming a fist making them favourites of thieves & assassins. Ken's are worn reverse, and also more dramatic...spring loaded, retractable claws on a palm-trigger inside gloves (like Sap Gloves). In both manga they're less theatrical...the blades strap to the arm & flip backwards when not in use. Difference: think Stiletto Switchblade to a Pocket knife.

Sports, kids and cooking native foods (in Side B he finds he dislikes the food living abroad)

J-League Position: Goalie
Presumption for the last tier, J3, the amatuer league.

Motorcycle: Kawasaki GPZ 1100
(original TV series)

Fan of Siberian?
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